Toora Casting experience




The global industry always requires partners capable of meeting production and functional parameters that are high on efficiency and quality.

Toora Casting, thanks to its experience in the sector and the redefinition of  its corporate and operational structure in 2010, has consolidted its industrial sites in San Paolo d'Argon (BG) and Carobbio degli Angeli (BG) with significant investments in plant and equipment.

Passion, determination and innovation characterise the firm and place it among Italy’s top independent foundries.


Our company process

Toora Casting is characterised by the versatility of its productions and the industrialisation of its processes.

Toora Casting firmly believes that excellent results depend on absolute precision, both in terms of tools and human resources.

Virtual Casting

Careful analysis of design, in close contact with the customer, enhances  development in each phase: feasibility analysis, the use of casting simulation software and optimisation of the production process.


All tooling is designed by Toora Casting Spa technicians and manufactured in-house, a benefit that ensures total control of the entire production process, optimising reaction times to any customer request.

Casting technologies

Toora Casting uses aluminium alloy casting technologies such as gravity, low pressure and die-casting.

Finished product

Mechanical processing, painting and assembly for all casting technologies (GC, HPDC, LPDC), allow the supply of products to be introduced directly into the customer's assembly line.


Production ranging from medium to large series, small to large sizes with complex geometries for specific applications. Automatic multi-stations.

On Demand

Toora Casting‘s organisation provides customers with support in the development and supply of prototypes (soft tooling - rapid casting) with subsequent production of the final series.