Green environment and sustainability

For the environment
and for mankind

Toora Casting industry
for human resources

Industrial Policy

The company's aim is to apply all  its activities, tools and protocols required to protect the working environment and train its staff.

The preferred approach consists of  preventive actions,
risk surveys, analysis of the environment and equipment, and the assessment and maintenance of parameters that comply with the strictest regulations.

The environment

TOORA CASTING is the ideal partner for workers and a benchmark firm  for the adoption of policies in terms of compliance with environmental regulations, the constant training of its employees, the adaptation of activities in terms of verification and the preservation of the parameters of environmental emissions, as well as safety and quality in the workplace.

For work, for the environment and for mankind, TOORA CASTING applies constant procedures and tools designed for the strictest ecological protocols.

The management team in charge of environmental and energy policy guarantees the adoption of initiatives and constant investments aimed at energy saving, the application and adoption of health, civil and environmental safety protocols, the constant verification and control of parameters and procedures necessary to maintain the highest possible level.

Raw materials and recycling

TOORA CASTING adopts a philosophy that is entirely dedicated to the recycling of materials and the purchase of raw materials deriving from processes of reintegration into the industrial cycle.